In today's modern world, with the advent of technological change, all industries have been undergoing more and more changes and growth. Unfortunately, Iran's exhibition industry has not yet been able to take full advantage of its capacity to reach a new and close outlook of global standards.

The plurality of sites and deeper topics do not allow the private sector managers to take a more in-depth forum to think deeper of organizing exhibitions, exhibition halls, equipment and structural standards and other industrial apprehensions or if they find a method, they can not execute it.

Although, government decisions and mechanisms alongside the new thinking of private sector managers, can play a significant role along the way to reach global standards, but the discourse's atmosphere and familiarity with all the capacities of this industry provide an opportunity for managers of this sector to reach the global measures.

Stallex, as the first official event of Iran exhibition equipment and services, provides an opportunity to interpret and critique the events from the inside. An industry which has always been the supervisor of important exhibition events and economic and commercial affluence with the motto of "business development", proceeds to develop its own business and analyze its possessive. In recent years, forming exhibition societies like organizers and exhibition structure makers, regardless of analyzing their function type, have at least resulted in members` togetherness and understanding the opportunities and abilities of within the guilds.

Perhaps these periodic congresses or stronger trade unions, which will eventually result from these events, can be a way to achieve global standards, and in this way inter-group competition is not limited to criteria's such as price and cheapness, and the indicators can be defined with the capability approach.

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