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At the exhibition. In Stallex2018 a section called the Stallex award has been added to, which is designed to create healthy competition and meet global exhibition standards in seven groups. The conditions of participation in each of these groups are presented separately and there are criteria for each section that will be considered as a positive score in this course. This means that it is not necessary to have all the conditions to participate in this competition, and even if each of the criteria is met, the conditions for participating in this competition will be met. Simultaneous participation in several sections will be possible by observing the criteria of each septet case. It should be noted that participating in the Stallex award will not cost anything

Side section:

An exhibition of photo galleries will be held during the Stallex exhibition, which will show photographs of exhibition. Those who are interested can participate in this competition by sending photos of exhibition events. The best selected photos will be awarded a memorial plaque from the visitors' point of view.

Stallex award septet groups:

Group 1- Exhibition centers

Group 2- Holding an event

Group 3- Design and construction of booths and exhibition halls

Group 4 - Innovation in exhibition and lighting equipment

Group 5- Exhibition and IT media

Group 6- Exhibition books and articles

Group 7- Exhibition Associations


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