Based on the experiences gained in Stallex 2017 and its feedback, an attempt was made to hold the second period as rich and effective as possible. Based on this, the 2018 Stallax can be considered an exhibition of several events. In the first step, a strategic council consisting of professors and activists in the exhibition industry was formed to try to eliminate possible weaknesses. The views of the Strategic Council had a great impact on the holding of Stallax 2018, which was the most important event for the Iranian exhibition industry.

Holding five workshops in three days was one of the strengths of Stallex 2018.

One of the primary goals of the Stallex exhibition was to create opportunities for acquaintance and meeting and negotiation between activities in different areas of the exhibition industry. In this regard, B to B meetings were designed and implemented. In these purposeful and planned meetings, the directors of the exhibition companies and the participants discussed their activities, goals and future plans. These meetings  faced great acclamation and feedbacks.

As in the first period, a booth of exhibition photographs was set up at Stallex 2018, with the difference that in the new edition, photographs of the history of Iran's exhibition industry were also displayed.

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