Pars ADVEX 2019



The 18th Pars odex event (specialized exhibition of advertising, marketing, media, printing and packaging) was held on the 23rd to the 26th of Bahman 1397 at the Shiraz International Exhibition Center

The purpose of the event was to focus on branding the companies of this class and solve the problems in the field of printing and packaging, as well as trying to expose the latest achievements of the printing and packaging industry and advertising, which was well received by participants and visitors. . The event was held in the service hall of Shiraz International Exhibition with an area of ​​1600 square meters and was attended by 28 participants.

The main focus of this period of the exhibition was on the presence of different brands by examining consumer behavior and trying to show the latest achievements of the printing, packaging and advertising industry and gain the most audience in the target markets. . The process of packaging production includes: the stages of idea and design, the raw materials used to produce the used material, the use of machinery and packaging and printing tools and finally the final packaging, as well as the pre-printing and design and advertising stages are among the most important points. Which was emphasized at the event. Holding specialized workshops and guild meetings, as well as Fars Advertising Graphic Design Festival in this event, was the difference between it and previous courses.


One of the primary goals of this event was to hold a gathering of industry activists and present the capabilities of Fars province along with national producers, which has led to synergy and has provided the ground for reducing the problems of past exhibitions in this province. The 18th International Printing, Packaging and Advertising, Marketing and Media Exhibition with the presence of unions and associations of this class and also the maximum participation of activists in this field has made this exhibition flourish and has caused more attention to this position of this industry in increasing exports.


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