Dezh Kavian Vira Pazh  Company with the Decopazh brand has started its activity in the exhibition industry since 2003.

Innovation and creativity in order to promote the exhibition industry has always been one of the most important goals of Decopazh Company, which led to holding STALLEX events in both 2017 and 2018 (Iran's first exhibition industry exhibition). In this event, prominent professors of the exhibition were invited t

from all over the world and by holding workshops, an effective step was taken towards this goal.

Among these professors:

Mr. Borno Meisner

Mr. Bayern

Mr. Pochalet

Having the competence of Iran Development and Trade Organization in holding domestic and foreign exhibitions and on the other hand cooperating with exhibition companies of countries such as: Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Emirates and Oman has caused exhibitions on various topics internationally and Dedicated by Decopazh company.