Stallex 2017


In today's modern world, where the growth of technology has changed all industries increasingly, unfortunately, the Iranian exhibition industry has not been able to use its full capacity to reach a new shape and close to world standards  yet . The multiplicity of sites and exhibition topics does not allow for active private sector managers to think more deeply about how exhibitions, exhibition halls, structural standards and equipment and other industrial concerns will be held, or if they have come up with a solution,they can do it. Although it can play an important role in achieving global standards, mechanism and government decisions along with the innovation of private sector managers, but the discourse atmosphere and familiarity with all the capacities of this industry is an opportunity for managers in this sector to achieve global standard. As Iran's first official exhibition service and equipment event, Stallex provides an opportunity to interpret and criticism events from within. The industry, which has always been in charge of important exhibition events and economic and commercial prosperity of the country with the slogan of business development, is developing its business in Stallax and analyzing its assets and non-assets. In recent years, with the formation of exhibition associations such as the organizers and builders of exhibition structures, regardless of the analysis of their performance, at least it contains the closeness of members and recognition of opportunities and capabilities within the union. It is possible that these periodic meetings or stronger trade unions, which will usually result from the same events, could be a way to meet global standards and, in this way, intra-group competition, not just standards such as price and cheap sales, and indicators with the approach of capabilities that can be provided are defined..

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