Symposium of Eco tourism Investment Opportunities

Specialized event of tourism investment with the support and cooperation of the esteemed Deputy Minister of Investment of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts

The symposium will be held in the presence of tourism activists and tourism industry activists in Iran in the form of pavilions from ECO member countries on December 10th and 11th  Dec the beautiful island of Kish. Following the successful experiences of holding the panel "Study of incentive policies in the field of tourism and hotel management" in June 2019 and also "Conference on Tourism Investment in the East" in october 2019, with the presence of senior tourism managers and welcome domestic and foreign investors and tourism activists Taking advantage of these valuable guidelines from tourism managers and relying on previous successful experiences, the company, in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, ECO Cultural Institute and Kish Free Zone Symposium, "Eco-Investment Opportunities for ECO Member States" with The subject of investment and strategies for attracting capital is held in Kish Island .

 The objectives of the symposium

The tourism industry is very important in two main ways: first, it provides the nations with other cultures, races,folks, lands, dialects, etc., and second, it is economically a source of income and currency. Different countries of the world, in the shadow of having various facilities and various attractions, are looking to attract tourists to themselves. Tourism is currently becoming one of the important base of the world's business economy, and many development planners and policymakers refer to the tourism industry as a key pillar of sustainable development. One of the goals of the symposium is to identify the factors influencing investment in the tourism sector and to evaluate investment financing methods and to introduce the capacities, investment opportunities of tourism in ECO countries and also to review new and international solutions to attract investment with the development of tourism industry. And exchange information with these countries.

People: Invited

Senior Tourism Managers of the country

Senior tourism officials from ECO countries

Free Zone Managers

Managers of top hotels and tourism centers in ECO countries

Managers of eco-tourism associations

Owners of residential and tourism centers under development and reconstruction

Production companies and providers of hotel and tourism equipment and services

Foreign investment delegations and investment activists from ECO countries

Investors in the field of tourism

 Negotiation Hall

In this forum, investment companies in the tourism, hotel and sectors and managers and officials of this sector will discuss and exchange cooperation agreements in this field..

 Participants in the Negotiation Hall

Leasing companies and banks - Insurance companies - Manufacturing and trading companies Hotel equipment Industrial kitchen equipment - Hotel and restaurant software - Furniture and decoration of electrical and mechanical facilities - Electronic smart equipment - Construction companies (designer, consultant and executive) - Residence centers Business and Recreation, Tourism Travel Agencies - Passenger Transportation Companies - Business Development and Advertising Consulting Companies in Tourism - Specialized Training Centers in Tourism


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