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Royal Kitchen Exhibition of Industrial Kitchen Equipment, Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Related Industries

 It has long been one of the most important and perhaps most enjoyable human needs, food preparation and consumption. Seven billion people around the world prepare and produce food in different ways and with different tools, among which different foods are prepared due to differences in cultures, beliefs and environmental conditions. The growth of technology has accelerated, and on the other hand, modernity and the glorious thought of today's human beings have created very efficient and luxurious tools and equipment, which, in addition to facilitating things, has also increased their speed. The in common items of kitchens in residential houses and kitchens in hotels and restaurants is not only in cooking, but also in the quality and convenience of working with them, beauty and environmental comfort are also significant factors. We aim to take an effective step in the dynamism of this industry by introducing leading groups and brands in the preparation and equipping of industrial kitchens, as well as by holding specialized courses, and in this way we approach global standards.

 Commodity group

Industrial Kitchen Equipment - Food Cooking Equipment - Preparation Equipment - Warehouse and Storage Equipment and Refrigerator - Washing Equipment

Cooling, heating and ventilation equipment - Fast food equipment - Coffee shop equipment - Packaging and disposable utensils - Restaurant utensils

Hygienic items - Restaurant clothes - Chain restaurants - Dishes and all kinds of catering system - Cleaning and washing equipment - Transportation equipment - Food and beverage - Design and architecture in the kitchen - Kitchen accessories - Equipment and lighting and electrical systems - Building Equipment and Supplies - Smart Kitchens - Restaurant Electronic and Software Equipment - Communication and Audio and Video Equipment and Systems - New and Renewable Energy - Industrial Kitchen Furniture

Hold B to B meetings at the dinner table

To achieve the target markets of kitchen products and equipment, the program of visiting the managers of the hotel industry and restaurants in the form of a dinner party and B to B meetings and visiting the exhibition is planned. These decision makers are invited to visit the exhibition as VIPs in collaboration with the relevant unions, and after the exhibition, B to B meetings are held at the same time as the dinner party.


Owners and managers of restaurants, coffee shops, traditional canteens, catering

Kitchens of hospitals, barracks, universities, factories, etc.

Hotel and restaurant equipment



Food courts


Special guests from the participants


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