Opening Ceremony - Speech by Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Crafts and Tourism Mr Vali.Teymouri

Iman News

Iman News In the opening ceremony of the Thirtieth International Exhibition of Tourism and Crafts, the Deputy Minister of Tourism at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Crafts said at the inauguration of the 13th National Crafts Fair: The victory of the Islamic Revolution coincides; we, the activists of tourism, handicrafts and cultural heritage, came together to emphasize that tourism is a tool for peace and peaceful coexistence between nations. We consider tourism to be an   interaction first and foremost, and with this approach, differences of view do not only separate humanity (the guest and the host), but also look at it as  tool. To know more about societies and civilizations. He added: "We have recently witnessed events that slowed down our tourism industry, but they could not stop our growth so that in the last 10 months we were up 19% over the same period and returning to the booming days of tourism." Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts said: In the international tourism industry affected by the outbreak of corona disease, our tourism with high competitiveness and significant capacity is high. Today, tourism is not just a concern for tourism activists, it has become a national concern. Speaking to other countries' ambassadors, Teymori  said, "Our view of tourism is a human-centered one, and in that sense, the safety of the tourists who come to Iran as guests is our own safety and my request to the other country's ambassadors is to remove the Statement of don’t travel to Iran or traveling with cautious. " Travel to Iran or not to Iran Take the door of the embassies. Sutan Sotkowski, head of UNESCO's regional office in Iran, said in another part of the event: "We mainly focus on cultural tourism at UNESCO.   Sustainable tourism also seeks to provide exciting and educational holidays that will benefit the host country as well." He also referred to intangible heritage or living heritage and said:   Intangible cultural heritage is not for profit. Nowadays the goals of the tourism industry seem to be the opposite. Industrial tourism is a commercial industry and driven from the outside. Bring the intangible heritage and tourism industry together to achieve sustainable tourism, so that local and communities will be at the level. The head of the UNESCO Regional Office in Iran said tourism could help local communities protect their native culture and create jobs. sotkowski continued: "Today the international community must do something to preserve   religious sites, and our job is to safeguard our traditions and heritage." At the end of his speech, he announced the readiness of the UNESCO Regional Office in Iran to cooperate more closely with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts.