Introducing 6 countries and 8 cities for "safe travel"


Introducing 6 countries and 8 cities for "safe travel"   The World Travel and Tourism Council has awarded "safety and health stamps" to six countries and eight cities. The stamp allows travelers to get to know the governments and tourism businesses that have complied with global health standards following the Coronavirus outbreak, and to experience a "safe journey."   According to ISNA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Mauritania, and the cities of Seville, Madrid, Barcelona (Spain), Mexico, Konko, Yucatan, Baja California (Mexico) and Ontario (Canada) are the first destinations to meet the standards. And the World Health Protocol has received the "Safety and Health Stamp" from the World Travel and Tourism Council and announced its readiness to accept travelers and tourists.   This stamp is a new project of the World Travel and Tourism Organization, which has been implemented with the corona virus. A specially designed safety and health stamp allows travelers to get to know the governments and tourism businesses that implement the World Health Standard standards and to be able to experience "safe travel." The Global Safety Stamp is designed to help rebuild passenger confidence and speed up the flow of travel and tourism industry around the world, and the World Tourism Organization has endorsed and supported the project.   The World Travel and Tourism Council has announced that qualified jobs such as hotels, restaurants, airlines and cruises, tour operators, shopping malls, transportation and airports can be stamped after the organization has implemented the health and safety protocols it has developed. To receive.   "We've learned from past crises that provide global standard protocols and compatibility with passenger confidence," said Gloria Guevara, President and CEO of WTTC. The Global Safety Stamp is designed to help rebuild consumer confidence around the world.   He added that Saudi Arabia, as head of the G20 tourism group, Konkun, Portugal (one of the fastest growing countries in Europe), Barcelona and other cities to accept private travel and tourism protocols and receive the first global safety stamp. And health has announced its readiness, we are happy. Seville is also one of the first destinations that, in addition to supporting stamps, implements global standard protocols for faster recovery.   "Nowadays, travelers can encourage different destinations around the world that have adopted a new set of global protocols to provide as many conditions as possible for the Safety Travel Plan," he said. This will help the travel and tourism sector to resume trade and a coordinated approach.   "For the first time, the global private sector has agreed on safe travel protocols that will restore stability and restore the confidence needed to restart the tourism industry," he said.   "We welcome the WTTC's global safety stamp and safe travel protocols and its contribution to restoring passenger confidence," said Zurab Polulikashvili, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, who has supported the Global Safety and Health Travel Project. This is important for rebuilding trust. Public-private partnership is important here, and we are pleased to work with WTTC to improve COVID-19. We are united in our common goal of returning tourism to reap the benefits that go beyond the sector. Trust and tourism increase consumer demand, investment and job creation, and thus create opportunities for all.   Saudi Arabia's Minister of Tourism, Ahmed al-Khatib, also said that WTTC's safe global travel protocols are a key step in improving the route, helping to ensure stability and reassurance for passengers.   Saudi Arabia has joined the program and has been recognized as one of the safest destinations for travel by receiving a global health and safety stamp. Prior to the spread of the coronavirus, the country had ambitious goals for the development of religious tourism. Saudi officials plan to increase the number of foreign pilgrims and travelers in Saudi Arabia to 15 million by the end of 2020, but the trend has stopped with the outbreak of the coronavirus.    Marianne Moreau, Barcelona's director general of tourism, said in another effort to work with the World Travel Council to implement global health protocols and receive health and safety stamps as a safe travel destination: "Barcelona's current priority is to focus on Adequate security measures and protocols are in place to protect visitors by creating a secure BCN city project and other innovative tools.   "Public and private sectors are working together to bring security and confidence to the tourism industry and travelers in Barcelona," he added. We are returning to the demands and expressing the great interest of tourists to travel to our Mediterranean city. Therefore, to strengthen this trust, we consider it necessary to implement the global protocols designed by WTTC, this will allow you to align the travel and tourism industry with the same global health and safety guidelines that help protect travelers on their travels.   "Concone and Caribbean Mexico have introduced new safety measures for travelers that WTTC has recognized and approved through secure travel stamps," said Carlos Joaqun, governor of Quintana, Mexico