Iranian Customs Spokesperson: 42% of the country's exports to Iraq were from the border

Mehr News Agency

  A spokesman for Iran's customs said that in 1998, nearly $ 3.8 billion worth of exports were exported to Iraq from the borders of the Kurdistan Region, equivalent to 42 percent of the value of Iran's exports to Iraq.   According to Mehr News Agency, Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi stated: In 1398, more than 25 million and 686 thousand tons of goods worth 8 billion and 990 million dollars were exported from Iran to Iraq, and the borders of our country with Kurdistan region are 8 million and 103 thousand tons. It has received $ 3.786 billion in value, accounting for 42% of its value and more than 31% of its weight in Iraq.   A spokesman for Iran's customs added: "Despite the closure of many borders, the country's main borders with the Kurdistan Region are open in corona time in full compliance with health protocols, and in April this year more than 870,000 tons of goods worth $ 259 Is exported to Iraq.   He emphasized: "Iraq has many commonalities, cultural, political, and religious ties with our country, and this has led us to have good economic cooperation in addition to fraternal political and cultural interactions, and by connecting the two nations of the private sector." They will also procure some of the goods they need from Iranian manufacturers, so the country was the second largest export destination for Iranian goods in 1398, with a difference of $ 500 million from China.   Regarding the activities of Iran's borders with Iraqi Kurdish areas, a spokesman for Iran's customs said: "As mentioned, 42% of trade with Iraq was done through our common borders with this country in the Kurdistan region. Parvizkhan border with more than 3 million tons of goods worth one Billion and $ 400 million are in first place, and the Bashmak and Tamerchin borders are in second and third place with $ 1.121 billion and $ 754 million, respectively.   He added: "Border markets in Sheikh Saleh, Kileh Sardasht, Shushmi and Siranband Baneh also had significant activities in the field of local trade and exports to Iraq in 1398.